Some good news for my home state here in New York. There was a constitutional amendment yesterday that was on the ballot to approve las vegas-style neteller casinos, in mostly the Catskills which is upstate New York. It’S actually kinda far from where I am, but nonetheless a I. So many would be a good thing, especially since that area in particular. Is I really strong, struggling economically there’s very few job opportunities over there and that it should be a mat, a massive boon to the economy? In fact, I would create thousands of jobs and raise about $ 400 million dollars a year in tax revenue.

It was approved, so what happened? It was approved. In fact, it was over proved a well overwhelmingly 57 percent I’ll the vote. Now again remember it was kinda like a direct ballot initiative, except it was specifically for a constitutional amendment % uh, so 57 percent got the job done. There are other seven casinos now on the way. As a result of this now, of course, the only its light downside to this whole story is the way that it was approved.

So what I mean by that is the story of how in got on the ballot, so I mean these votes there, never done on on principle right, I said by a comical, bought the bingo politicians actually giving a fuck about principle know what what happened is that The a various gambling lobbies got together, decided, hey, we want to expand abortion week span too well. This region would be nice in seen evidence, but you know a depressed economy, they’re not doing too well in with we step in. There will be able to make a shitload of money, so let’s go ahead and try so was it somewhat nefarious? I guess you could say Steph areas because of course, at the end the day comes down to corporate greed.

Um. It was specific companies fighting for it. Right, so would it be better if there is a provision that said we’re just legalizing gambling in general, so, for example, if an the area where I live, somebody wanted to open a small poker club without you know, being threatened by the government and – and you know Risking jail time, by doing it yeah that would be better you, we catch more poker club, small casinos replication all over the place whenever anybody want to open one up, but no. This was for specific casino, seven casinos that were already part a big. You know.

Gaming corporations, if you will so that’s the only slight a downside here, but done nonetheless, overall, I’m happy about it and got it just shows you when you put something progressive on a ballot. People need jobs at the idea. Man and I’ll get you another story later. That’S a different, progressive issue where again people jumped at the idea, but I mean come on it’s like a joke that in the year 2013 we don’t have legalized gambling everywhere right and of course you regulate the attacks and you get. You can said age limit, a kids can do it. I understand the reason to do regulation and tweak around the edges and have rules right, but it’s got ta be legal.

Overall I mean telling somebody they can place a bet with their own hard-earned money. That’S nonsense, and – and prostitution also is another thing that comes to mind: did you know that just outside a Las Vegas, where it’s legal to have prostitution, they have no STD transmissions, not 0 the option other now? Why is that? Because the test every single week to make sure the working girl don’t have, but you know any disease are for any thing they can be transmitted and, of course, their regulations that it when the guys go, they have to wear protection and there’s all the different boundaries And guidelines in you know, though, the women make fantastic money and it’s good for the economy, and it’s a good out only for guys who might be angry and upset. I mean nothing worse than having a sexually repressed in society, and there are a lot of guys who don’t want to put in.

The work in, you know, have a relationship for have a marriage or something like that and they’re very busy. Their career oriented. And it’s nice to have an owl it like that. I think I may be giving away too much information about myself here, but again it’s common sense menu. You will make it to the black market disappears right, so you don’t have to worry about the crime and no violence and the drugs and the disease is associated with a black marker prostitution. It would be good for the economy and good for freedom.

You know again. Politicians in the United States today just use freedom. Is this buzzword you’re just paying lip service to this broad ideal? This vague word that everybody knows.

I like the way that sounds yeah, but freedom actually has a meaning.