Tips While at The Casino:

  • Casino Tournaments – Tournament play can be fun and a great help to your win-rate. Many casinos have slot, craps and blackjack tournaments on a regular basis, among them You can enter one for as little as $25. You get to play for two or three hours and many casinos will throw in in a buffet or some other type of meal. The top prize can be hundreds of dollars, with plenty of cash for the runner-ups. These are fun and you can get a lot of casino playing time for a very low investment. Similarly to land based casinos online casinos like also offer similar type tournaments. Check the site of the you intend playing at for more details.
  • Getting the most from Casino Comps – Getting comps at a Land Based Casinos: Talk to the floorman or pit boss about the casino floor shows or restaurants. Let them know you are interested, but don’t specifically ask for a comp, at least, not at first. Answer the bosses’ questions about going, but let him or her to the asking. This technique could help you get yourself the desired comp. Most Importantly, don’t ask the dealer. They can’t help you with a comp so save your questions until the florrman or pit boss comes around to your table.Online Casino Comps – Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions at In general comps at online casinos are credited to your casino account instantaneously once you meet their play through requirements. Play through requirements more or less protect the online casinos from bonus hunters who are just there to claim their bonus and cash out. Several bonus options are available at online casinos. These include the no deposit bonus where you are credited a small amount of money (usually $10 – $25) in real money credits just for trying out the casino. The match bonus is most popular among real online casino players as the bonuses are higher and usually range anywhere from $20 to $1000 or even more. Before making a deposit make sure you read through the casinos terms and conditions to make sure you are eligible for the bonus.
  • Free Casino Gaming Lessons – Most large casinos offer gaming lessons during the day. Craps, roulette, baccarat and even blackjack lessons are all given free by the casino. You won’t become an expert in these short 20-to-30 minute classes, however, you just might learn a new game. They will show you the correct moves because they don’t need to worry about you busting the house. Remember, in all the casino games the odds favor the house anyway. Try these free and fun lessons. You just might learn a new games or even a new trick. Use it as a break from your normal game.
  • Who was that Player? – Shills are casino employees pretending to be players. They were used in all the games years ago. They were primarily used to help players who were playing alone feel a little more comfortable at the tables. Today, you don’t find them much anymore even in the small casinos. How-eve, it is still a common practice to have shills at the baccarat tables. Most of the time you won’t find them at the mini-baccarat tables, just at standard baccarat tables in the large casinos. Their job is still to help players feel a little togetherness with another player in the game. Another roles is to use them as starters, giving the appearance that a game is in progress thus encouraging additional players to jump in.