To earn bitcoins and is Having no problem, of course, with this in mind special program for auto earnings such a program, we have it latest development. American programmers of the given branch earn can safely. For this. We need to have some kind of funds on deposit on the site itself.

Prime, could give me money to earn deposit is up to a million 800 thousand. You, if you do not have it Add. Links to all sites on programs will be under the video. Is a button deposit click here it will be.

Yours me such an account number of a bitcoin wallet. You will have a completely different personal go to the site. Butcher is monitoring exchange office, but I was looking what currency do you give what you get there? The instruction is to whom it is not clear there all.

It will not be easy to update in this. Let’S go directly to the work itself programs. I show how the program works, like money is being withdrawn from this site, without big, no, no problems. Everything is clearly checked and so go to links for downloading the program to us.

You must first copy the entire text. This script select all the text. Absolutely selected copy copied back to the project site, give a click with the right mouse button on the free space and see the code. The bottom line opens basement of the site. I do not want the Internet today To work operatively here it was opened to us. I need this daddy console.

I stalling. You are closed, the necessary warning to us, But I do not really care about anything that the internet. That’S all.

There is a console, close warnings and paste copied program program, the cursor at the bottom flashes for start the program. We need to click on press enter where the cursor on the genre is simple press the enter key. All the programs launched close the console. I will need it. The program on the site is not born. That is, it’s not visible.

It works the basement of the site. Just doubles your balance, all left wait 10-15 seconds and the amount automatically updated waiting for the time here. All is please the balance has doubled, can output it button output here insert the amount. Now I will copy the i output completely: you can output any amount. I can withdraw through day again run double the amount by desire to expose the amount. Now I will come to your working wallet last I’ll.

Take the account number to withdraw to your wallet slowly loaded and changing. Ask a hotel quickly write down, but there is after the transaction here I am got 15 start it still copy, and I insert that is. I will receive this amount. Minus the commission of the site is minus 30 thousand.

Satosh here is the visible balance almost zero. Now we press button and fret and look at the wallet all Instant translation began to be given 3 Confirmations of the network of detachments, and all money can be deduced already on any map or anywhere else. In this problem There is no exit from the program.

Very simply, very quickly, please 5 return on the exchanger Change direction. Only you drive bitcoins on any electronic currency or plastic card by bank transfer here a sea of options.